“Things are happening at Apple, no question,” Adam Lashinsky writes for Fortune. “Will it be enough?”

“Even among Apple veterans opinions are split, with some believing the excellence of the organization will enable to win again and others seeing too many signs of decay to keep the faith,” Lashinsky writes. “But you can’t really have it both ways in life. So what do I think?”

Lashinsky writes, “The preponderance of the evidence, common sense and gut instinct all suggest the Apple-has-peaked argument is the stronger of the two. It is jarring to see Apple as a follower, but that’s what it looks like with its iTunes Radio service, with its flat mobile software design, with its still sub-optimal online maps. Apple isn’t supposed to follow anyone on anything. If Apple makes a cheaper phone, it will boost revenues. But a premium brand that attacks the low end does so at its peril. If moves into wearable computers, it will do so only after Google, Jawbone, its own partner Nike already have shown the way.”

MacDailyNews Take: When Apple moved into MP3 players, it did so only after Audible, Diamond Rio, Archos and a host of others supposedly showed the way. How’d that turn out Adam?

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MacDailyNews Take: Sorry, Adam, but we’re gonna go with the proven visionary instead:

I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.Steve Jobs, August 24, 2011

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