“Apple’s iOS 7 beta is now available for the iPad after a two week delay since its debut at WWDC. It brings with it all the same UI enhancements and design themes from the iPhone version to the iPad, but some of these have been translated to the larger iPad and iPad mini displays differently,” Sanjiv Sathiah reports for Electronista. “In many ways, seeing the new transitions and animations on a larger display also helps to amplify the comprehensive design changes that Apple has implemented across its latest mobile operating system.”

“The key differentiator between Apple’s iPads and its iPhones is the way that iPad apps use the available display area. This was something that Apple critics did not fully appreciate when the first iPad launched in 2010. Many apps made specifically for the iPad have approached their desktop brethren for functionality,” Sathiah reports. “Apple has continued with this approach in iOS 7 with all of the built-in apps getting a redesign and enhanced functionality, taking the ethos of maximizing display utilization even further. It remains a key differentiator between the iPad and Android, which continues to be hampered by a limited number of apps that are designed specifically for a larger tablet interface.”

Sathiah reports, “Overall, iOS 7 for the iPad is shaping up very well and promises to be just as exciting for iPad users as it is for iPhone users. The new look continues to impress in many areas, including the new animations and transitions, which look slick and more seamless.. The latest version of iOS for the iPad is brings with it a lot more than just a flashy new design language, it brings with it a lot of useful and functional feature enhancements that will help to keep Apple at the top of the tablet market.

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