“Software developers who create apps for Apple’s iOS platform have had a fairly easy go of things,” Mike Schuster writes for Minyanville.

“Thanks to Apple’s highly regulated “walled garden,” iOS apps have been built upon a very standard and very consistent set of design elements and guidelines that remained relatively unchanged since the platform’s launch in 2007,” Schuster writes. “Actionable items such as menu buttons and setting toggles maintained a uniformity that not only kept apps looking consistent but also familiarized users with a standard interface that spanned across Apple’s entire mobile ecosystem… iOS stayed the course and never instituted an interface change that forced developers to rethink and redesign their work. That is, up until a few weeks ago.”

Schuster writes, “By and large, analysts and users are thrilled to see Apple finally update its iOS platform, but its success depends on how quickly (and how adeptly) developers adapt to its totally new set of guidelines. We’ll just have to wait and see how many will survive the migration and how many are willing to bring older users along for the ride.”

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