“More than half a decade after adding tabs to Safari 3.0 in 2007, Apple has incorporated the same feature into the OS X Mavericks Finder to organize multiple views into a single window, building on years of technology advancements to support the seemingly simple and obvious feature,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Users might wonder what took Apple so long to bring such an obvious feature from its web browser to its desktop experience,” Dilger reports. “Rather than being a simple feature addition, the new Tabs are designed to be particularly useful in the new Finder because they support drag and drop of documents between tabs, including a tab of the AirDrop window for wireless sharing. This also makes the new Finder fully-functional in Full Screen mode, where users can actually work with multiple window views. Currently, the Finder is among the few apps bundled in OS X that doesn’t support Full Screen use.”

Dilger reports, “While seemingly simple, the development of Multiple Displays and support for a Full Screen Finder required a lot of background changes to how OS X works. ”

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