“OS X Mavericks is a revival in more ways than one. Apple is reviving the OS X roadmap by moving to California names. It’s hoping to keep Mac sales growing at a time when overall PC sales are sliding,” Phil Moore writes for Stabley Times. “And it’s reviving Finder tabs, a brief and ill fated experiment from the Mac OS 9 era of the late nineties. They didn’t work then, but only because they weren’t done right. OS X Mavericks looks like it may have finally come up with the proper implementation of a fifteen year old idea, one so far into the rear view mirror that most Mac users either don’t remember it or hadn’t yet switched to the platform.”

Moore writes, “Tabbed Finder browsing in OS X Mavericks may finally perfect what Apple was trying to do with the single-window Finder in the earliest OS X incarnations, and in the Mac OS 9 Finder before that.”

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