“Apple has unveiled one of the biggest gambles in its history with a radical overhaul of its iOS software,” Victoria Woollaston and Mark Prigg report for The Daily Mail. “The new iOS 7 software has a ‘flat design’, but critics say the dramatic new look could backfire, confusing users – while others claim it simply looks like Google’s rival Android system.”

“Experts warned the radical makeover could confuse some users,” Woollaston and Prigg report. Jan Dawson, chief telecoms analyst at Ovum, said it ‘represents a massive overhaul of the look and feel of the operating system, which has remained largely unchanged visually since the original version.’ However, he said the changes could be too much. ‘The new version is almost unrecognisable, which will make it polarizing. Some people will love that their phone feels new and different, while others will be disoriented by the newness.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Is that really the best you can do, Jan? Bland idiocy makes very poor FUD. Anyone “disoriented by the newness” of iOS 7 shouldn’t be attempting to operate a smartphone. “Almost unrecognizable?” Puleeze. Apple will gain millions more new iOS users than they would have without these myriad improvements.

Woollaston and Prigg report, “During its keynote speech Apple the firm also revealed a major overhaul of its Mac software. [Apple CEO Tim] Cook said 28 million copies of the latest version of its Mac OS software were in use, taking a jab at Microsoft by pointing out the low takeup of its Windows 8 software… Following the update to the Mac software, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, announced new models of its MacBook Air. Schiller hit out at critics of the firm who have claimed it can no longer produce radical new products since the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. ’Can’t innovate any more, my ass,’ he said as he revealed the dramatic tubular design of a new Mac Pro desktop PC, its high-end machine designed for musicians and video editors. Schiller claimed the new version of the Macbook Air laptop has a nine-hour battery life thanks to a new low power Intel chip.”

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