“What is the best Mac for graphic design and layout?” Mark Hattersley asks for Macworld UK. “It’s a question many of our readers ask. Apple Mac OS X computers are especially useful for designers, and many creative professionals need to invest in the latest Mac hardware.”

“But choosing the right Mac for design work can be a challenge,” Hattersley writes. “Apple creates a whole range of Mac OS X laptops (MacBooks) and desktop computers. Although all Apple Macs are great, some are better suited to design than others.”

Hattersley writes, “In this article we take a look at what a computer requires to be truly great for working with professional design software, and the features you pay more for. We then look closely at the range of Mac computers available, and the custom built to order options available that make sense for designers. We also look at some of the accessories, software and services available that make sense for keen graphic design professionals.”

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