“Many Mac users are familiar with Safari, especially if they use both iOS and Mac OS X (both of which use Safari as the main way to interact with the web). But Safari isn’t the only Mac browser, and it’s not necessarily the best,” Mark Hattersley writes for Macworld UK.

Apple’s Safari is the “best Mac browser for Apple fans,” Hattersley writes. “If you own both a Mac and iOS device you’ll especially enjoy the linked features. Safari is also popular amongst web developers looking to create mobile websites, due to its mobile simulator and sharing the same engine as Mobile Safari (used on iOS devices).”

Hattersley writes, “Firefox is the best Mac browser for those who like to tinker. It has a huge range of add-ons and features that you can play with to your heart’s content… Google Chrome is the fastest web browser, so there’s little surprise that it’s also the most popular. It’s also good for developers with a range of add-ons and extensions, and working in the most popular browser is good for ensuring website accessibility.”

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