“Forget all the rumors of an Apple iWatch. Ignore the surprisingly good reviews of Google Glass. Neither of these will come close to replacing your smartphone. Not for many, many years; probably never,” Brian S. Hall writes for TechPinions. “The question is not whether you will buy a smartphone – you will. The question is: which smartphone should you buy?”

“I’ve traversed two decades in the telecommunications industry and have spent ridiculous amounts of time over the years testing and sampling various smartphones across just about every single platform, price point and form factor,” Hall writes. “If it means anything to you, I even own a MeeGo. Looks great, but unfortunately it works about as well as your four-year-old netbook. Let’s begin.”

Which smartphone should I buy?

The iPhone 4S.

“Perfectly designed, flawless to operate, affordable. Apple offers the best, most robust, most pleasing ecosystem of apps, games, content, payments, customer support, product integration and accessories,” Hall writes. “I cannot say exactly how many billions Microsoft, Google and others have spent over the years attempting to equal the iPhone’s operating system – iOS – but I can say that none have yet met the challenge.”

“Apple’s iPhone repeatedly tops the competition in customer satisfaction ratings. iPhone users are much more likely to stick with iPhone compared to Android users. That should tell you all you need to know,” Hall writes. “Done! That was easy. What? You have more questions?”

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