“There are narratives circling the technology industry that are wearing out their welcome. The primary one, and the one where I wish more intelligent voices would prevail, is the narrative that there can only be one winner in this industry,” Ben Bajarin writes for TIME Magazine. “Namely that for Google’s ecosystem to win, Microsoft and Apple must fail. Or that for Microsoft’s ecosystem to win, Apple and Google need to lose. And of course for Apple to win, Google and Microsoft need to lose.”

“As far as I can tell, these narratives are rooted in not only a limited view of the technology industry’s history, but also in a very short-sighted one. It seems as though since Microsoft’s Windows platform dominated much of computing for several decades, it must mean it’s inevitable that this domination repeat itself. It seems the expectation from many is that we are simply waiting to see which platform wins,” Bajarin writes. “More specifically, which platform will dominate computing market share the way Microsoft did in the past. Let me explain why this is not going to happen.”

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