“Tim Cook, who has famously told investors he doesn’t care about his stock price, actually cares a lot about his stock price,” Dana Blankenhorn writes for TheStreet. “With a $50 billion share buyback fueled by cheap debt, plus a higher dividend, Cook signaled to investors when he released earnings on April 23 that Apple is determined to raise its share price.”

“Since that announcement, it’s up 13%. That’s better than Microsoft, which is up just 10% in that time,” Blankenhorn writes. “But go back a month and Microsoft’s gains are 17%, Apple’s just 9%. Apple is practically having to pay people to hold its stock in order to keep up with its Redmond rival.”

Blankenhorn writes, “What’s going on? Microsoft isn’t paying people to own its stock. It’s not gaining market share. Apple is doing both, yet it lags. The truth is that, in technology, no one cares about what you’ve done but what you’re going to do… Put a market multiple of 14.5 on the $41.89 in earnings Apple achieved in the last four quarters and this is a $600 stock… Microsoft, by contrast, is already trading at a premium to that, a hefty premium, with a PE of 17.36.”

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