“Apple has been taking a real beating on Wall Street and in the press lately,” John Kirk writes for TechPinions. “But are we losing our long-term perspective by focusing so intently on quarterly results?”

“The Stock Market is a predictor of future growth, but it is hardly infallible. Seven months ago the market was predicting spectacular growth for Apple,” Kirk writes. “Today it’s predicting almost no growth at all, worse than Dell and HP. Was the market wrong seven months ago or is it wrong today? Or both?”

Kirk writes, “If you look at Apple’s numbers for this quarter and the next, you might think you see a company in decline. But if you look at Apple’s numbers over the fiscal or annual year, you see anything but decline. Let’s put this in perspective: Would you rather have Apple’s profits or those of Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Samsung? Once you put it that way, the answer as to how Apple is doing becomes clear. Apple dominates the most dominant tech sectors of our times.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.