“In order to understand the magnitude of Apple’s loss in market cap, you really need write it out: $250,000,000,000 – the amount of share holder value that has been lost under Tim Cook at Apple (AAPL) over the past 8 months,” Bill Shamblin writes for Seeking Alpha.

“As a close observer of Apple (and a share holder), it’s difficult to describe the frustration of the last 8 months. On the one hand, here is a company, that by most measures, is performing exceedingly well, after all Apple is the most profitible company, In The World,” Shamblin writes. “Now consider this – Apple earns the majority of the global profits in personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers and mobile applications. Yet the company has lost over 40% of its value.”

Shamblin writes, “While Mr. Cook has shown indications of “being his own man” with the announcement of a dividend and stock buyback in 2012, it appears the current CEO doesn’t fully appreciate the extent to which market perception has shifted for Apple… It is time for Mr. Cook to demonstrate leadership by addressing this uncertainty head-on. Any short term rebound in Apple stock price is likely contingent on Tim Cook’s willingness to embrace company policies that are far removed from ‘What Steve Would Have Done.’ Right now the market is communicating clearly that it doesn’t trust Mr. Cook’s leadership. It is time for Mr. Cook to demonstrate to all of us why the market is wrong.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Funny, we didn’t hear anybody complaining about Tim Cook last September as Apple went parabolic nearly a year after Steve Jobs’ death. Patience, padawans; not much longer now.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mark T.” for the heads up.]