“Apple’s noted silence has hurt its mystique and caused it to cede the ‘cool’ factor to competitors, a communications expert said today,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld. “‘It’s what Apple didn’t say that made them so powerful,’ said Peter LaMotte, an analyst with Levick, a Washington-based strategic communications consultancy. ‘They were so silent that it created an entire industry of rumor mongers.'”

“Now that silence hinders rather than helps Apple, LaMotte argued. ‘The Apple mystique protected them from a need to engage in the conversation. But the mystique has worn out. They used to own the ‘cool’ factor. Not anymore,'” Keizer reports. “LaMotte was reacting to comments made last month by Jean-Louis Gasse, a former top-level Apple executive, who said that Apple had ‘lost control of the narrative… [and] let others define its story.'”

Keizer reports, “Apple needs to ditch its longstanding reticence and get in the game, LaMotte said. ‘We will always recommend that it’s better to be in the conversation than not,’ he said. The way it is now, he continued, Apple’s letting others create the narrative. ‘If Apple’s not in the back seat, they’re in the passenger seat, and Samsung is driving the car,’ LaMotte said.”

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