“Samsung Electronics Co Ltd infringed a key portion of an Apple Inc patent by including a text-selection feature in its smartphones and tablets, an International Trade Commission judge said in a preliminary decision,” Diane Bartz reports for Reuters.

“The full commission must now decide if they will uphold it or overturn the judge’s decision. A final decision is expected in August,” Bartz reports. “If it is upheld, the ITC can order any infringing device to be barred from importation into the United States. Apple has alleged that Samsung’s Galaxy, Transform and Nexus devices, among others, were among those made with the infringing technology.”

Bartz reports, “Google’s Android software, which Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs denounced as a ‘stolen product,’ has become the world’s No. 1 smartphone operating system. Apple’s battle against Google’s Android software has dragged in hardware vendors that use it, including Samsung and HTC.”

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