“I have been troubled lately by Wall Street analysts’ claims that Apple must invent some new product or product category if it wants to get more support from investors,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “I am confused where this is coming from because if the analysts did their homework, they would know that Apple does not invent new products; rather it reinvents them, as it has done since the Apple II.”

“It should be clear to those on Wall Street that Apple’s strategy is to look at a product, identify its flaws and potential, and then reinvent it by making it smarter, sleeker, and more user-friendly,” Bajarin writes. “More importantly, when Apple adds a little marketing muscle it can drive its products deep into international markets.”

Bajarin writes, “The idea on Wall Street that Apple has peaked is quite presumptuous. It assumes that Apple does not have the genius to continue to create products, even if they are reinventions of current products on the market. Could Apple design something totally new? Sure, but history shows that the company is more likely to watch which products take off and then reconceptualize them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last December:

People already had or had access to computers, portable music players, smartphones, and tablet PCs. It took Apple to revolutionize each and make consumers aspire to own them… Apple isn’t the first mover. In the markets in which it chooses to play, Apple is often the first one to get it right and quickly the one all others then attempt to copy.

Apple employees look at existing markets, services, and products and ask themselves, “How can we improve this, so that we would want to buy and use it?” Television is actually the perfect candidate for an Apple revolution. Stodgy and not very intuitive, the TV set calls out to Apple for help.

…We can almost hear Tim Cook thinking, “Hmm, mediocre products. Not very user-friendly. People don’t really know what they want or how to buy – another perfect market for us to transform!”