“Over the last two years, Best Buy stores have dramatically increased the number of smartphones and tablets they carry,” Russell Holly reports for Geek.com.

“The Apple section of a Best Buy is unlike anything else in the store. Intentionally, this section of the PC department looks as though a piece of an Apple store was removed and then directly installed into a Best Buy,” Holly reports. “The displays are well spaced and allow a personal experience between you and the demo unit you are touching, instead of the cramped tables in the rest of the department where you’re bumping shoulders with the next prospective PC buyer. Even when there are lots of people in the Apple section of a Best Buy, you can still walk around and see all of the products. The employees tasked to those areas are always knowledgeable and friendly as well, it’s as close to an Apple store experience as you can get in a Best Buy.”

Holly reports, “No other brand in a Best Buy gets this treatment in the PC section, but starting in about a month Samsung is going to have a similar section in the mobile department… This new section will be dressed in large Samsung signage and offer custom demo stations for many of Samsung’s products.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For some reason, numerous slogans spring to mind:

Samsung. We follow Apple around like a retarded puppy dog.

Samsung. Why have the best, when you can settle for a plastic mess?

Samsung. For tasteless morons who reward the criminally imitative.

Samsung. We wish we were Apple, but then we’d never know WTF to do next!

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