“‘If you’re looking for Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 to define a novel new era of smartphone greatness, it’s time to temper your expectations,’ wrote CNET just after the launch of the company’s latest attempt to increase its dominance of the $358 billion global market,” Meghan Foley writes for Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

“But Samsung — and its wireless partner AT&T — seem to have a lot of confidence that the device will appeal to customers, even if it received a rough welcome from analysts,” Foley writes. “The carrier- manufacturer duo pushed the device’s base price up $50 over the its predecessor and Apple’s rival iPhone 5S [sic: she means iPhone 5].”

Foley writes, “At AT&T, the Galaxy S4 will cost $250 with a two-year contract… The Galaxy S4 is the first of three Samsung handsets that will be released this year with the aim of taking Apple’s smartphone success down a notch. But early reviews indicate that Samsung’s latest shot at the iPhone was merely a glancing blow… ”

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