“It’s been more than a year since Apple surprised developers and analysts by debuting a preview of OS X Mountain Lion, then announcing that it was shifting to an annual release schedule for its Mac operating system.,” Malcolm Wilde reports for Macworld UK.

“We’ve been left wondering where the next operating system is, and some have suggested that Apple is running behind, as the company offered registered developers their first look at OS X Mountain Lion on 16 February, ahead of a July ship date,” Wilde reports. “Mac OS X 10.9 data has been spotted in analytics logs across the web since as far back as October 2012.”

Wilde reports, “Many people expected Apple’s Mac OS X 10.9 to have made an appearance by now, with most forecasting a February preview of the operating system, followed by a public release towards the middle of the year. Mountain Lion’s schedule followed this timeline, and 2011’s Lion release also followed a similar schedule. Assuming Apple announced a preview of OS X 10.9 this month, and stuck to the time lines from the previous two years, the public release of the upgrade would arrive in August.”

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