“Playing for time while it puts the finishing touches to an all-new edition of iOS and a new iPhone model to go with it, Apple has attempted to change the chatter concerning its devices by publishing 12 reasons to choose an iPhone,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Perhaps the biggest advantage in the eyes of many might be Apple’s commitment to personal customer support. You can speak to “real people” on the phone or at an Apple retail store,” Evans writes. “This isn’t how it works for users of other devices, who must run between pillar to post as they attempt to get some help.”

Evans writes, “So what’s going on? It’s pretty clear: Samsung has been trash-talking Apple within its marketing for months. With the new ad campaign and last week’s statements from Phil Schiller it seems clear to me that Apple is preparing to go on the offensive in its marketing activity. I’d be completely unsurprised to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 put through a series of real-life user experience and reliability tests up against an iPhone.”

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