“The cat is almost out of the bag. Or rather, the big cat has almost toppled the Apple cart? Analogies aside, the next iteration of Apple’s desktop operating system, OS X, is due around July, and the developer’s preview of the software should be released in the next few weeks,” Meghan McDonough reports for Digital Trends. “That time estimate is based on Apple’s release schedule for Mountain Lion, which was released to the public in July of last year. The developer preview of Mountain Lion debuted in February 2012.”

“Once the developer preview appears, we’ll know for sure what some of OS X 10.9’s features will be — including which cat name it will be given,” McDonough reports. “While there’s been some speculation that OS X 10.9 could be called Lynx, we like the idea of it being called Domestic Cat. Sadly, we’re pretty sure Apple won’t take the suggestion.”

McDonough reports, “Based on rumors, rumblings and some ideas of our own, here’s what we think will be included in OS X 10.9.”

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