“The market is ripe with speculation that Netflix may be a takeover target. Cramer said if any company is about to make a move he hopes it’s Apple,” Lee Brodie reports for CNBC. “The Mad Money host thinks Netflix is now the perfect fit, because it’s launched a new feature allowing its customers to link their Netflix accounts to Facebook.”

“Why does that matter? ‘Because Apple has been lacking social, and you need the holy trinity of social, mobile and the cloud to triumph in this brave new gadget world,’ Cramer said,” Brodie reports. “The Netflix acquisition would complete the triumvirate.”

Brodie reports, “As for the cost of the acquisition – Netflix has a ten billion market cap. ‘Ten billion dollars is a rounding error for Apple given its cash hoard,’ Cramer said. ‘It’s pretty simple. Apple needs growth and it needs it in a visible red-hot way. Nothing would be hotter than a Netflix acquisition,’ Cramer said.”

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