“According to a new report straight out of China, Apple plans on to ship the new low-end [iPhone] with a Snapdragon chipset, as opposed to the A6 and A6X devices currently used on all of the Cupertino company’s recent iOS devices” Goncalo Ribeiro reports for Redmond Pie.

“The Snapdragon chipset sound like perfect candidates to make their way onto Apple’s low-end smartphone: indeed, they come packed with an on-board cellular modem, WiFi and Bluetooth,” Ribeiro reports, “all essential parts of any iOS device, although delivered at a much lower cost than Apple’s current solution.”

Ribeiro reports, “Some Snapdragon chips offer the bonus of 4G LTE connectivity, although Apple is reported to stick with 3G-only for now, since the new device is said to be aimed primarily in developing markets where LTE coverage is currently scarce.”

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