“Samsung has now officially failed to prevail on 25 standard-essential patent (SEP) assertions against Apple (including eight patents it withdrew and one case that was stayed in Germany because the patent was deemed likely to be invalid). Today Justice Floyd of the Chancery Division of the High Court of England and Wales ruled on three Samsung SEP assertions against Apple and declared all three patents invalid,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “Last week Samsung lost its 22nd SEP assertion against Apple (in Japan; for details on the ruling see this post). Samsung has prevailed on only three of its SEPs (two in Korea, one in the Netherlands). With a hit rate of less than one out of eight it’s still less unsuccessful than Google’s Motorola Mobility, which won only one of its ten SEP cases against Apple.”

“Samsung had sued Apple over three allegedly UMTS-essential patents in the UK,” Mueller reports. “Apple denied these allegations and brought counterclaims for declaratory judgment. Apple’s counterclaims succeeded: Justice Floyd declared all three patents-in-suit invalid (this ruling affects the enforceability of these European patents only in the UK, not in other European jurisdictions).”

“Not only has Samsung lost more than two dozen SEP assertions against Apple but it’s also been unable to enforce any non-SEP anywhere in the world,” Mueller writes. “Justice Floyd appears unlikely to follow in Sir Robin Jacob’s footsteps and work for Samsung as an expert witness in USITC investigations.”

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