“Apple users are reporting a problem which means they’re unable to reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion on new Apple Mac computers, it is believed the problem lies in the computers missing essential permission files,” Thomas Tamblyn reports for T3.

“The issue arises when users try to reinstall the OS from the Mac App Store resulting in an error message which says the computer isn’t compatible with OS X Mountain Lion,” Tamblyn reports. “This is apparently happening because the computers aren’t shipping with the latest permissions needed to install the OS from the App Store, at present it appears as though there is no known fix.”

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“The issue doesn’t stop at preventing you from downloading or using the downloaded OS X Mountain Lion installer, however – it also prevents you from re-installing Mountain Lion using the Recovery partition,” J. Glenn Künzler reports for MacTrast. “I was able to work around that specific issue by repairing the boot volume permissions immediately before attempting to reinstall, however.”

“The issue also prevents users from restoring from a Time Machine backup using the Recovery partition. Any attempt to do so results in a message stating ‘An error occurred while adding a recovery system to the destination disk,'” Künzler reports. “The message directs users to restart their Macs and try again – but unfortunately, restarting does not make a difference in the slightest. Instead of using the Recovery partition to restore from a Time Machine backup, users must use the Migration Assistant app from within a complete OS X Mountain Lion install.”

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