“It is said that reputations take years to make, yet can be unmade in an instant. Even so, it seems it will take more than a business moment to put a serious dent in Apple’s image, at least in the eyes of its admiring corporate peers,” Adam Lashinsky writes for Fortune. “For the sixth consecutive year, Apple has earned the top ranking in Fortune’s annual poll of executives asked to identify the companies they most admire.”

“It is not hard to understand Apple’s durable appeal,” Lashinsky writes. “The company generates about $16 billion in cash per quarter, customers continue to mob its elegant retail stores, and even its derivative products, like the iPad Mini, quickly sell out.”

“For those expecting a fall from grace, Apple undoubtedly is a victim of its own success,” Lashinsky writes, “Expectations become exceedingly high.
Yet the still-admiring executives who try to do what Apple does must have a sense of Apple’s persistent potential… The company whose late founder aimed for it to be “insanely great” remains plenty damn good. The years to come will determine if, for Apple, that’s good enough.”

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