“As Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook takes the stage at this year’s shareholder meeting, he may not get the reception he received in 2012, when investors lauded the company’s performance and rising shares” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg.

“The annual event, where holders will vote on re-electing board members, takes place today at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California,” Satariano reports. “In this year’s run-up, the company has been enmeshed in a public spat over distribution of its $137.1 billion in cash and investments with hedge-fund manager David Einhorn, who advocates a bigger payout, using preferred shares.”

Satariano reports, “A central criticism among shareholders is the money accumulated by Apple, the world’s most valuable company by market capitalization. Investors want a bigger slice of the cash hoard that has grown over a half decade amid surging sales of iPhones and iPads.”

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