“Did your kid rack up charges on Apple’s app store without your permission? You may be in luck: the company says it will pay to settle a lawsuit over so-called ‘bait apps,’ which are games that can be downloaded for free but then charge for “game currency” like virtual goods or play money,” Jeff John Roberts reports for GigaOM.

“Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will offer a $5 iTunes credit to those who claim that a minor bought in-game items without their knowledge or permission,” Roberts reports. “If the amount in question is more than $5, Apple will offer a credit for that amount. If the amount in question is over $30, an Apple user can claim a cash refund.”

Roberts reports, “In order to collect under the settlement, Apple users will have to attest that a minor bought ‘game currency’ and that the user did not provide the minor with the Apple password.”

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