“Last quarter, Apple made $6.8 billion in sales in ‘Greater China’ — which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan — up 67 percent from the year before,” Jon Fortt writes for CNBC. “Sales in the Americas and Europe? Up less than 15 percent.”

“This, in a nutshell, is the challenge that faces the entire mobile industry: Growth opportunities lie in emerging markets, where a new price-sensitive middle class is booming,” Fortt writes. “To win the next phase of the computing race, the heavyweights will have to rethink their approach.”

Fortt writes, “But Google’s not exactly in the clear, either. One of the major announcements out of the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this week is the debut of Mozilla’s Firefox OS for smartphones. The concept is similar to Google’s Chrome OS for PCs: Instead of a traditional operating system, Firefox OS is basically a browser designed to run web apps. The likelihood is that Firefox OS, at least in the early going, will try to challenge Android at the low end of the smartphone market.bAnother upcoming mobile OS, Tizen, is similar. With backing from Samsung, Intel and others, Tizen aims to provide a more web-friendly alternative to the strong position iOS and Android have in the smartphone market.”

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