“Apple may not have targeted the enterprise directly yet with the iPhone and iPad, but for some time, enterprise users have nonetheless chosen Apple products to use at wo,” Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet.

“It’s therefore in the Cupertino, California-based technology giant’s best interests to start catering for the needs of those in business, particularly if it can ultimately add to the company’s bottom line,” Whittaker writes. “With the expected release of Apple’s next iteration of its mobile platform, iOS 7, later this year, what can we hope to expect to appease the burgeoning number of enterprise users?”

Whittaker writes, “Here are 15 suggestions that would bolster Apple’s relationship with its enterprise customers.”

• A physical divide between ‘personal’ and ‘work’
• Better email management
• Quick access to core system features, like wi-fi and VPN
• Automatic app updates
• Custom domain search in Spotlight
• Unread item count on lock screen
• Location-aware sound profiles
• Location-aware wi-fi networking
• ‘Guest mode’ for BYOD users
• AirDrop for simple file-sharing functionality
• Longer PIN code for enhanced security
• Set default apps
• iPad multitasking
• Uninstall native, unnecessary apps
• Offline maps

Each of the fifteen bullet points above discussed in the full article here.