“There has been chatter of late around Apple’s plans for the iPhone,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Some suggest they need to make a more affordable version of the iPhone.”

“The other speculation as of late is that Apple could make an even larger iPhone than the current 4” iPhone 5,” Bajarin writes. “This would fall into the larger phone category (some call it Phablets) and would give Apple a competitive iPhone for those who desire larger screens in the 4.7-5.5-inch range.”

Bajarin writes, “No matter how you slice it, I believe the time has come for Apple to expand the current iPhone line. This would mean releasing two or three current generation devices in the same year each targeted at different audiences… Although I think the idea of a more affordable iPhone is compelling, if I had to choose the strategy for either the more affordable iPhone or a larger screen size version for the first product to expand the lineup, I would choose the larger iPhone.”

Much more in the full article here.

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