“I sold my shares of Apple (for a profit) many months ago (somewhere in the $515 range),” Mike Stallings writes for Seeking Alpha. “I felt it had run its course for the time being and frankly I had many other opportunities available that I took advantage of. I should have held longer, but we all know it is very difficult to time the market just right.”

“Apple as we have known for a long time is difficult to categorize as a type of company. Not that it is a bad thing, the company is unique and has wowed us for a long time now. It does make it difficult when it comes to valuation,” Stallings writes. “Considering the Price vs. Sales is below 3 and P/E around 11, I find Apple to be an attractive investment at the current price ($475). When you compare Apple to their closest competition (see link), it looks that much better.”

Stallings writes, “Because of this, I have recently purchased options of Apple with a target price of $560 for both March and June 13. Although the March calls look a little shaky at this point (although I still may turn a profit when all is said and done, currently worth 5% more than when purchased) the June calls look like a home run. Here are some other reasons why I see them coming to fruition.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]