“What is next for Apple? Customers, investors and also techies are all expecting the subsequent game-changing gadget,” Marcus Vilkas writes for The Motley Fool. “A few protest that because the iPod ended up being basically replaced by the iPhone, and also the iPhone and iPad have merely obtained incremental improvements, it is time for Apple to strike this marketplace away by having something totally new. That something might be the upcoming iTV.”

“Nowadays, television has comparable developing problems. ‘I am frustrated and I can not take it any longer’ is the struggle of customers who not only dislike advertisements, but far more, dislike purchasing countless channels although just watching a dozen or so,” Vilkas writes. “Forbes has reported that 82% of customers from the ages of 18 to 24 choose to watch channels on the internet rather than through TV. Apple’s iTV could possibly incorporate the social element of YouTube along with other web content providers with the new, top quality content of broadcast television. Apple, subsequently, would probably change the TV business in the same manner it did the music industry.”

Vilkas writes, “Imagine if all those high-dollar cable television ‘packages’ started to be a remote memory and consumers solely purchased the channels they desired? To borrow one more traditionally used saying, the opportunities are countless and Apple is aware of it.”

<strongThe full article, ludicrously headlined, "Exactly How The Apple TV Will Transform The Industry," here.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine if consumers solely purchased the channels they desired? Okay: All “niche” programming and the networks they supply would vanish and we’d be back to channels 2-13 in no time.