“It’s fair to say that without Intel founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore today’s Silicon Valley startups wouldn’t exist,” Sarah Mitroff writes for Wired. “The prosaic reason is because Intel churned out the first microprocessors, the building blocks of today’s computing found in every smartphone, computer, and server (though not necessarily made by Intel). But the more poetic and far-reaching reason is that Moore and Noyce were among the first to walk away from a stable corporate job and pursue their own startup dreams.”

“The latest episode of PBS’s American Experience series, Silicon Valley, tells the story of how the choices Noyce, Moore, and several other young physicists shaped modern-day Silicon Valley,” Mitroff writes. “Unlike Bravo’s disastrous take on Silicon Valley’s culture and the questionable entrepreneurs trying to make it, PBS’s take is actually worth watching, especially if you want to learn the history of why so many people flock to The Valley with software code, hardware chops and dollars spinning in their heads. Silicon Valley airs Tuesday February 5 at 9:00pm EST.”

Watch Silicon Valley Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.

Much more in the full article here.

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