“Samsung’s Super Bowl ad got a lot of good press but did it increase searches for Samsung or Galaxy?” Haydn Shaughnessy wonders for Forbes. “And did it take interest away from Apple?”

“I did the research today so that the Google trends database had time to catch up,” Shaughnessy reports. “What are the findings?”

#1. Fast developing economies other than China favor Samsung
#2. The developed economies favor the iPhone
#3. People are searching for iPhone more than they are searching for Apple

Shaughnessy reports, “The real story of the Super Bowl was the ads and Samsung got usurped by social. The $15 million they paid seems to have impressed some but overall its impact has not been as pervasive as the opportunism of the Twitter users at Oreo and Audi.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]