“Apple is not one of those companies that churns out a handful of press releases every week. Its press announcements are few and far between — and they’re typically adjuncts to the big smash events the company holds to dramatically unveil its latest wonder,” Chris Maxcer writes for MacNewsWorld. “So why did Apple just issue two press releases about incremental product updates? Who is Apple talking to, and what is it trying to say?”

“In years past, the gist of Apple press releases was usually that they were speaking to Apple product enthusiasts and the tech press. The events they accompanied set the stage for consumers to feel good about Apple’s bountiful offerings,” Maxcer writes. “These last two releases, coming on the heels of Apple’s first fiscal quarterly report of 2013 — over which it was busted left and right for having record results that failed to meet Wall Street expectations — only really make sense when read between the lines. In fact, these two releases have the feel of something crafted for the naysayers rather than the enthusiasts.”

Maxcer writes, “It’s too soon to know if this is a change in direction or a real change in tone for Apple, but after applying the question of audience to these press releases, they at least seem to make sense. Advisable? Good? Worth it? Harder to say.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]