“In version 2011 – it’s debut version – the program lacked a few items that made it a deal-breaker for many users. Chief among these were enterprise-level customization capabilities and support for the vast array of 3rd-party AutoCAD extensions,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo reports for Architosh. “Although AutoCAD for Mac was entirely written from scratch (versus a Windows port) for the advanced OS X platform, Autodesk states that AutoCAD in its present state was based on much of the same source code as the Windows version. As such there is true compatibility between both the Mac and Windows versions. And AutoCAD for Mac 2013 can open (read) files from AutoCAD version 14 to the present.”

“One of the nice things about AutoCAD for Mac 2013 is that it can play nice in a mixed AutoCAD setting,” Frausto-Robledo reports. “The program supports both network and standalone licensing as well as cross-platform licensing. This makes it easy for IT and CAD managers to try to mix in a blend of Mac-based AutoCAD workstations into a design or engineering studio. Of course, while other Windows-only issues may still prevail, the licensing simplification is a headache eliminated.”

Frausto-Robledo reports, ” AutoCAD for Mac 2013 is a very worthy full-featured, industrial-grade 2D/3D CAD application, capable of competing with many of its rivals on the Mac platform. While many architects have moved on to full BIM (Building Information Modeling) programs, which AutoCAD for Mac 2013 is not, many are still primarily using AutoCAD as its primary 2D production drafting package while relying on other programs for conceptual or final 3D modeling. AutoCAD for Mac 2013 does not have the third-party eco-system of apps and extensions that exist on the Windows side. Until that time comes some users will have limits in its adoption. But many will not. If you are a veteran AutoCAD user and a new Mac convert, this program is likely for you. If you are new to CAD in general and perhaps new to Mac as well, you will likely want to compare this program alongside veteran Mac CAD stalwarts.”

Read much, much more in the extensive full review here.

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