“It’s not Tim Cook’s job and it wasn’t Steve Jobs’s job to give you a life. To fill in the gaps. They have/had a company to run,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“This isn’t a Roman slaughter or the running of the bulls or the Super Bowl halftime show where we expect (and receive) climax after climax and nonstop action. This is tech. This is business,” Pendola writes. “Like it or not, Apple needs to do relatively uninspiring things from time to time. Sometimes, it will just lay there and not give you the time of your life with every single piece of news.”

“NEWSFLASH! Apple already enriched our lives,” Pendola writes. “It has changed the world several times over in the last few years. Want perspective — okay, fine. It changed significant aspects of our lives.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “JES42” and “David E” for the heads up.]