“To address the last year and the year ahead, Apple CEO Tim Cook summoned corporate employees to his Cupertino Campus’s De Anza 3 auditorium.,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “With the company’s top executives in the first row, followed by several rows of employees, Cook spoke in his signature black, buttoned, untucked dress shirt, jeans, and sneakers.”

“Cook was reportedly pumped up during this Town Hall meeting, rallying troops amid questioning from analysts regarding Apple’s future as a global technology titan,” Gurman reports. “According to multiple people in attendance at the meeting, Cook rallied his staff by discussing Apple’s latest earnings, its competition, and its future.”

Gurman reports, “Cook addressed Apple’s Q1 2013 earnings report, which featured over 54 billion dollars in revenue, with pride. The CEO recognized the decline of Apple’s stock price, specifically in the days following Apple’s earnings announcement. With Apple floating between the world’s wealthiest and second richest company by market cap, Cook seemed unfazed by the recent drop in share price. Speaking to employees on the current controversies around Apple’s income and future, Cook reportedly told his workers and colleagues that ‘we [Apple] just had the best quarter of any technology company ever.’ … Cook also reportedly made it clear that share price is not Apple’s focus. Making new products that customers love is the priority. Revenue and share price is just a by-product of Apple’s efforts.”

Much more, including Cook discussing “iOS’s integrated, reliable experience versus Android’s fragmentation,” in the full article here.

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