“In the last two iterations of OS X — Lion and Mountain Lion — Apple has been making some bold moves in respect to the way the computer operator interacts with the machine,” Johnny Winter writes for Mactuts+. “Bold in the sense that the changes are quite a departure to the way in which people have been used to using OS X in the past.”

“While change can often be positive, some of us take a little time to adapt and are perhaps more resistant to change,” Winter writes. “This article examines some quick fixes to help you make Lion and/or Mountain Lion a little more familiar.”

MacDailyNews Take: Our advice, as always, when it comes to Apple, it’s best to suck it up and commit the time to get used to new things (i.e. scrolling direction, etc.). It usually takes less time that you think. The longer you resist, the farther you’ll fall behind, and the more painful it will be to catch up. That said…

Winter continues, “The reason for Apple making some major changes in Lion and Mountain Lion is likely a result of the success of their mobile devices. The iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad all sell in huge numbers and are often the first experience of an Apple product for many consumers. Apple wants to make the transition from iOS to OS X as intuitive as possible for the new Mac owner, but the jury is still out on whether natural scrolling on iOS is right for OS X, so let’s start with that as our first tweak.”

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