“As all 7 billion people on earth know, Apple (AAPL) dropped about 10% yesterday after the company’s holiday quarter and guidance fell short of expectations,” Jeff Macke reports for Yahoo Finance’s Breakout. “No need to rehash the misery. The only question now is whether Apple is just going through a short-term transition or is slowly becoming a modern day version of its long-time nemesis Microsoft (MSFT).”

“Count investor/ author/ entrepreneur Carol Roth as one of those in the camp that says Apple’s best days are behind it,” Macke reports. “‘There is a point in time when these companies become too big to succeed,’ Roth says. ‘Apple now is twice Microsoft’s size, approximately, and I think it’s running into the same issues; it’s very hard to get that huge growth when you are so large.'”

Macke reports, “Apple is a money-printing machine. If they never sold another iPhone or iPad, the iTunes store would still crank out billions in profits. But the market looks forward and it’s going to be all but impossible for Apple to retain its share of the smartphone or tablet industries. That’s the problem with inventing wildly profitable products — everyone starts gunning for you… Apple became the “Best Company on Earth” by taking the title from Microsoft. If Apple can’t keep defending that title with hotter and better offerings, it’s going to become what Microsoft is today: a money-printing machine with an absolutely dead stock.”

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