“A half-trillion-dollar market capitalization, like that of Apple Inc. (AAPL), trading at an average of $11 billion a day, kicks up a lot of uncertainty dust,” Peter F. Way writes for Seeking Alpha. “That makes it hard to keep perspective on where this item, with a dollar price at some ten times the average stock, may be headed next.”

“How its prospects are being perceived by the big-money funds – the players most able, and most likely, to move its price – are keenly and carefully watched by folks who help herd this flock, and who make an enviable living at it – the market-makers,” Way writes. “Every day they are in constant contact with the trading desks and portfolio managers of the 1,924 institutions and funds holding over two-thirds of the stock.”

Way writes, “In sum, now looks like a better-than-average buy time in AAPL for the patient, long-term investor. Market-sensitive, time-efficient investors will get their chance after the stock’s recovery has begun and fair-weather followers clamber to get back on board.”

Much, much more in the full article – recommended for AAPL shareholders, current and prospective – here.