Remarking on the glut of Apple FUD, especially as it relates to Apple’s share price lately, and those who revel in it, Daring FireBall’s John Gruber writes:

A lot of people formed their impression of Apple in the 1990’s, and to them, that’s what Apple will always be: a niche hardware maker that insists on doing things the wrong way (closed instead of open, etc.) in the name of control. To these people, everything that’s happened with Apple in the past decade has been a fluke, an aberration.

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MacDailyNews Take: Exactly.

We pity the fools these types of people for all that they’ve missed and, if they don’t wise up, all that they’ll miss in the future.

While you’re toiling with your crappy Windows PCs, your wannabe iPhones, your pretend iPods, and your fake iPads, Apple-haters, we’re running rings around you and laughing. Don’t worry, we’re laughing with delight, not at you… much.