“Last night on CNBC, widely-followed market timer Tom DeMark told hosts that the bottom was in for Apple stock, which has been subjected to a vicious selloff over the past several months,” Matthew Boesler reports for The Business Insider.

This is something akin to the low we had December 4 on the Shanghai Index, when we turned positive at the exact low. This looks like a very strong rally of at least 22 percent. We wouldn’t be surprised tomorrow to see Apple gap up above $494 or $495, despite trading lower in the after-market today, and then just move forward right from there and be strong for the next couple of weeks and reach $600. We think the low is in…today or tomorrow. — Tom DeMark

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MacDailyNews Take: At 9:44AM EST, shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) are trading up $10.12, or 2.08%, at $496.04.