“Apple made a huge bet by stacking most of its new product releases in the fourth quarter of 2012, and based on some early data on holiday sales, the gamble might just pay off,” Erica Ogg reports for GigaOM.

“An important early indicator is the demand for Apple’s most important product, the iPhone, and how well it did at carriers,” Ogg reports. “This week, the two biggest carriers in the U.S. hinted that they sold more iPhones during the last three months 2012 than during the same period in 2011.”

Ogg reports, “AT&T has been offering the iPhone since the beginning and Verizon since 2010. That those two can still attract new iPhone buyers in large numbers is a good sign for the iPhone’s continued demand. When it comes to Apple’s ability to beat last year’s holiday sales, U.S. carriers are just one part of the equation. But other indications — like early sales figures from the iPhone 5′s launch — indicate a good level of demand for it in other countries as well.”

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