“All high-tech companies profess their belief in noble ideals like worker advancement, teamwork, and ‘transparency’ – but on the ground, there can be major differences in culture,” David Shamah reports for ZDNet. “Take, for example, the differences between Intel and Apple, according to Ariel Maislos, former CEO of Israel’s Anobit: ‘They say that Intel is full of paranoids, but at Apple, ‘they’ really are after you.'”

“While he would never have discussed the company when he was still working there, Maislos is no longer an Apple employee, meaning that he is free to discuss the life at Apple, if not the technology he and the Anobit team were working on after the acquisition,” Shamah reports. “Maislos shared some of his experiences with a rapt Tel Aviv audience recently at an event sponsored by the Israel Semiconductor Club.”

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