“There seem to be three viable explanations for what’s happening to Apple,” Jay Yarow writes for Business Insider.

“iPhone demand and tax laws — will be addressed in January when Apple reports earnings, and the government finally figures out what it’s doing,” Yarow writes. “I think it’s insane to say innovation is dead at Apple… The idea that innovation is dead at Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone is a lazy, but common argument. It’s impossible to disprove in the short term. It’s also helped by the fact that most people see Steve Jobs as an infallible visionary, while overlooking his flaws and misjudgments that were corrected by other Apple execs.”

Yarow writes, “For instance, according to his biography, Jobs didn’t want to make the iPod Windows-compatible. All of his top executives wanted to make a Windows-compatible iPod to increase sales, but Jobs didn’t want to do it… This wasn’t the only time Jobs’ top executives overruled him. When the iPhone was first released Jobs opposed making a third-party app store… There are other examples of Jobs whiffing. He was more right than wrong, and almost always ended up making the right decision. But, my point is that Jobs, for all of his greatness wasn’t perfect. He was greatly aided by Apple’s other executives, many of whom are still at the company.””

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.