“Four big technology fiefs — Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Google Inc. and Facebook Inc. —have been creeping into each other’s turf for years. In 2013, their war is set to escalate around two fronts: hardware and search,” Jessica E. Lessin, Greg Bensinger, Evelyn M. Rusli and Amir Efrati report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple must prove it can play defense in 2013,” the quartet reports. “Rivals from Samsung Electronics Co. to Amazon are gunning for the Cupertino, Calif., company, which has turned out category-defining devices like the iPhone and iPad for years… Defense will get Apple only so far. Look to the living room for where Apple will go on the offense. Apple CEO Tim Cook has stressed Apple’s “intense interest” in television and the company has been testing high-definition televisions and discussing possible partnerships over set-top boxes with cable companies.”

“Whether anything will be ready for prime time next year remains unclear,” the quartet reports. “As for another new area, watch search and Siri. Following Apple’s ill-fated foray into maps this year, the company is continuing to invest in its voice-activated assistant that routes users to sports scores and other on-the-go information. Earlier this year, Apple poached Amazon search executive William Stasior.”

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