The Wall Street Journal has updated its main iOS app to support in-app subscriptions,” iPodNN reports.

“Until now, the only way of getting full content was to pay for an outside subscription and log into the app,” iPodNN reports. “The new scheme lets users pay $22 a month through the app for a regular WSJ subscription, or $13 for mobile-only delivery.”

iPodNN reports, “The Journal has, notably, been one of the few remaining publications to hold off on in-app subscriptions… Apple retains 30 percent of all revenue from in-app subscriptions, as well as all customer billing information…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s quite the simple decision, especially for the WSJ. The users with money and the proven will to spend it are iOS users. Publications either get with the program or they’re left out in the cold.

Game, set, match. Apple wins again.