“Aaron Lee of Digitimes reports that sales of the Mini are greatly exceeding expectations, and that Apple has increased its order. ‘Apple originally estimated shipments of 10 million iPad minis for 2012, but due to component shortages caused by weak yields, Apple later adjusted the volume to only 6-8 million units. However, with yield rates improving, iPad mini shipments for the first two months of the fourth quarter have already surpassed eight million units, and should successfully break 10 million for the quarter with a chance to reach 12 million, the sources noted,'” Malcolm Manness writes for The Motley Fool.

“The viability of the new iPad Mini was questioned when released due to the high $329 price tag. Assuming this Digitimes report is correct, these fears are now proved baseles,” Manness writes. ” In fact, the sales are exceeding expectations.”

Manness writes, “ith people flocking to see the Mini, I am sure that some extra sales will pass over to the iPad grande as well. So sales here may be higher yet… We know the iPhone 5 is doing well and the supply chain seems to have worked out many of the kinks. Now this new news indicates that we should expect a great quarter from Apple. Once the Capital Gains deadline has been breached, shares should do very well.”

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